Twisting Pathways: The Entwining Tattoos of Tayfun Bezgin

Twisting Pathways: The Entwining Tattoos of Tayfun Bezgin

Tayfun Bezgin's winding line work creates surreal, colourful and unique tattoos.
Turkish tattoo artist Tayfun Bezgin works at Tattoom Gallery in Istanbul, The Studio Tattoo in Antalya and Daft Art Tattoo Studio in Ankara. Having worked as a visual artist and graphic designer, his tattoo designs take on a truly unique artistic form, especially in their use of twisting lines, sporadic watercolour effects and deep, detailed imagery.
Clove flower tattoo by #TayfunBezgin
Wolf tattoo by #TayfunBezgin
An interpretation of Michelangelo painting in tattoo form
Istanbul skyline by #TayfunBezgin
Poppy tattoo by #TayfunBezgin
Abstract tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin
Northern Lights and tree illustration
Northern Lights and tree tattoo
Braille text heart galaxy tattoo
Spacey moon tattoo by #TayfunBezgin
Drawings by Tayfun Bezgin
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