Vibrant Tattoos By Anton YellowDog

Vibrant Tattoos By Anton YellowDog

Anton YellowDog makes tattoos that pop with vibrant colors and geeky designs!
Based in Moscow, Russia, tattoo artist Anton YellowDog does rad tattoos. He is working in creative tattoo studio Mad Fish, along pixel-inspired artist Lesha Lauz and other talented tattooists. Mixing illustrative style, geek references, new school and watercolor effect, the tattoos of Anton YellowDog are incredibly cool... 

If you love psychedelic colors, cartoons and cute tattoos, be sure to follow him on Instagram!
Unique owl!
Creative kitten.
Elegant peony. By Anton YellowDog
Great colors.
Endearing chameleon. By Anton YellowDog
Lovely whale.
Lucky cat for artists!
Artistic dancing crane. By Anton YellowDog
Adventure's Time! By Anton YellowDog
Awesome Ponyo tattoo!
Dynamic swallow.
Vivid colors! By Anton YellowDog
Star Wars droids.
Bold abstract tattoo.
Collaboration between Lesha Lauz and Anton YellowDog.
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