Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Wear your heart on your sleeve with these lovely heart tattoos.
Some people metaphorically wear their heart on their sleeve, meaning that they display their emotions visibly and openly for all to see.

Some people, myself included, also wear their heart on their sleeve literally, in the colourful form of an intricate tattoo.

To wear a meaningful tattoo about anything on your body, for everyone around you to observe, is an open and confident thing to do... I would say tattooed people wear their hearts on their sleeves every day, whether they are in the shape of a heart or not! :-)
Crying heart tattoo by Blakey Tattooer. Photo: Instagram.
Geometric heart tattoo by Kini Tattoo. Photo: Instagram.
Anatomical heart tattoo by Lille Ink. Photo: Instagram.
Watercolour heart tattoo by Marilen Adrover. Photo: Instagram.
Delicate heart tattoo by Maxim Novodvorskiy. Photo: Instagram.
Colourful gem heart tattoo by Paula Castle. Photo: Instagram.
Heart by Pip Tattoos, Belgium. Photo: Instagram.
Simple outline of a heart by Samuel Correia, Inktrace Tattoo. Photo: Instagram.
Neo Traditional heart tattoo by Tyler Borich. Photo: Instagram.
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