WWE Superstar Paige Has Some Mystery New Ink!

WWE Superstar Paige Has Some Mystery New Ink!

Two time WWE Divas Champion Paige recently visited the tattoo shop to get some new ink...but what is it?
Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige is the English wrestler who has taken the WWE by storm, winning two Divas Championships holding one for a record 308 days and winning another at 21 to become the youngest champion in the titles history! Although she has had some up and down moments, one of which involved a tattoo. Fans may remember the time when Paige almost got a badass chest tattoo, only to be talked out of it by her fellow wrestlers, and while she may have left the chest for now she has tattooed her hands!!
That Time Paige Almost Got A Badass Chest Tattoo!
What Could Have Been!
In recent weeks the diva superstar has actually got two new tattoos. The first being a private memorial for her brother, being that it's a personal tattoo Paige didn't share the design but did share an image of her getting it done accompanied by a few words.
Few days ago i finally got a hidden memorial tattoo for my brother Isak. Always on my mind bro! Love you! "If you could read my mind, love".
Not content with just the one new tattoo Paige hit the tattoo shop again to get what looks like a new finger tattoo. Having already got a small anchor tattooed on one of her fingers the wrestling superstar shared an image of her with tattoo artist Kyler Shinn who looked to be adding some ink to one of her other fingers.
Paige and Tattoo Artist Kyler Shinn
Although Paige is yet to reveal what the new tattoo is, she did share a selfie on Instagram featuring what could be the new design. A small cross on Paige's finger may well be her new tattoo, but we will have to wait and see!
That Small Cross May Well Be Paige's Latest Tattoo!
After she gets a few more championships under her belt Paige might just get that epic chest tattoo after all!
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