10 Beautiful Portraits By Rich Pineda

10 Beautiful Portraits By Rich Pineda

A man of many talents and fairly new to the world of tattooing- meet Rich Pineda who is one of the best in the game.
Pineda has always been pursuing a variety of artistic ventures. He spent much of his life playing in bands, and continues to produce music from his home studio. He worked as an artist doing custom paint for bikes, cars, and helmets as well as doing custom wood and metal work. He also loves photography and makes some unfuckingbelievable paintings.
Rich Pineda #tattooartist
Although he has been getting tattooed since he was just 15, it wasn't until 2011 when he delved into the world of tattooing... and needless to say, he has taken it by storm and is definitely one of the best artists out there. Check out 10 of his most epic portraits below.
The Crow tattoo (@richiebon) #RichPineda
Who ya gonna call? (@richiebon) #RichPineda
Dexter portrait tattoo (@richiebon) #RichPineda
Beautiful tiger portrait tattoo (@richiebon) #RichPineda
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