10 Bee-autiful Beehive Tattoos

10 Bee-autiful Beehive Tattoos

Unless you have Trypophobia (fear of holes), you'll totally enjoy the sight of these 10 Bee-autiful Beehive tattoos!
Trypophobics might even appreciate these nice beehive tattoos. They don't look gross at all!
Beehive tattoo, artist unknown
Check out this Beehive Tattoo turning into geometric cubes by Tim Pangburn
Artist unknown
Awesome how a small creature such as a worker bee can create hundreds or even thousands of densely packed hexagonal cells made of beeswax to store their food (honey & pollen) and larvae.
Beautiful Bee Lady by unknown artist. Please help us credit them!
Tattoo by Jeffrey Pons done at King of Swords Tattoo
This dome shaped bee hive is called a "skep". A skep is a basket placed open end-down, made of wicker plastered with mud & dung to attract a colony of bees to produce their own honeycomb inside.
Unusual Beehive Tattoo by Joel Madberg done at Forever True Tattoo
THIS is the real HOME SWEET HOME! <3 Artist unknown
Pretty matching tattoo of bees & their hive placed on the feet. Artist unknown
He's certainly got a sweet heart. <3 Artist unknown
This realistic beehive tattoo makes you wanna poke your finger in & mess with your inner trypophobic! lol. Awesome tattoo, nonetheless! Artist unknown
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