10 Cool Ninja Tattoos

10 Cool Ninja Tattoos

Ninja tattoos are badass and cool!

Whether they're inspired by Japanese history or folklore, you can't fault these cool ninja tattoos.

In feudal Japan ninjas were covert agents and mercenaries used in numerous clan wars. Known for their use of sabotage, espionage, assassination, infiltration and guerrilla warfare ninjas were seen as dishonorable fighters by Samurai as they followed no code or rules. Today the image of a ninja has been largely shaped by books, movies and myths that inspire most ninja tattoos.

Ninja tattoos can be done in a variety of styles but the outcome is always cool. From a bold traditional piece to a more realistic black and grey tattoo you can't go wrong with a sweet ninja tattoo. Check out these badass ninja tattoos and enjoy some stealth inspired ink!

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