10 Devout Nun Tattoos

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Are you after a classy lady to have inked on your body? Then why not to take a look at these devout nun tattoos!

The term nun is applied to a woman who is 'a member of a religious community of women, typically one living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience'. For the most part when using the word 'nun' a person is referring to a member of the Catholic/Christian tradition and those that wear the black habits. However other religions and denominations have their own nuns, such as Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, Lutherans, Jains, Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus. A widely recognized image of nuns has even become a fashionable tattoo design!

Nun tattoos are commonly styled in an old school fashion and make some sweet traditional women tattoos. With a bold and fashionable design-  you can't go wrong with a good old nun tattoo. Take a look at these nun tattoos and see which you enjoy the most!

Tattoo by @laukwanyam nun traditionalwoman laukwanyam
Tattoo by @laukwanyam #nun #traditionalwoman #laukwanyam
Tattoo by Angelique Houtkamp nun traditionalwoman angeliquehoutkamp
Tattoo by Angelique Houtkamp #nun #traditionalwoman #angeliquehoutkamp
Tattoo by Dayron Gonzalez nun traditionalwoman dayrongonzalez
Tattoo by Dayron Gonzalez #nun #traditionalwoman #dayrongonzalez
Nun Tattoo by Grinder Zam nun traditionalwoman grinderzam
Nun Tattoo by Grinder Zam #nun #traditionalwoman #grinderzam

Recent from Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo by Joey Cassina nun traditionalwoman joeycassina
Tattoo by Joey Cassina #nun #traditionalwoman #joeycassina
Tattoo by Juliana Odett nun traditionalwoman juliannaodett
Tattoo by Juliana Odett #nun #traditionalwoman #juliannaodett
Tattoo by Carlin Dacheff nun traditionalwoman carlindacheff
Tattoo by Carlin Dacheff #nun #traditionalwoman #carlindacheff
Tattoo by Karl Willmann nun traditionalwoman karlwillman
Tattoo by Karl Willmann #nun #traditionalwoman #karlwillman
Tattoo by Shane Blanco nun traditionalwoman shaneblanco
Tattoo by Shane Blanco #nun #traditionalwoman #shaneblanco
Nun Tattoo by Yonmar nun traditionalwoman yonmar
Nun Tattoo by Yonmar #nun #traditionalwoman #yonmar

Of course, if you're after some more risque nun tattoos, then have a look at this article!


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