10 Funky Pufferfish Tattoos

10 Funky Pufferfish Tattoos

Fun and funky, you'll be surprised by these pufferfish tattoos.

Sea creatures are always a solid choice for a colorful tattoo and these pufferfish tattoos are excellent proof.

Whether you call them pufferfish, blowfish, ballonfish or the more technical Tetraodontidae you're talking about that charming little fish which inflates itself for defense. A widely recognized fish the pufferfish is likewise considered the second-most poisonous vertebrates in the world, and surprisingly the toxic nature of the pufferfish has made it a notorious delicacy. The toxic organs and meat of the pufferfish are seen by many as a daring delicacy for those brave enough to eat it, although to make such a dish you have to train for at least 3 years!!

Aside from inflating like a balloon and and making a dangerous dish the pufferfish also creates some sweet tattoos. Pufferfish tattoos are a funky and colorful design that will almost certainly blow you away. Take a look at these 10 pufferfish tattoos and enjoy the fishy ink. 

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