10 Totally Random And Fun Egg Tattoos

10 Totally Random And Fun Egg Tattoos

Celebrate the "Egg of Life" and the beginning of all creation with these totally random and fun egg tattoos.
Artist unknown
We all began somewhere at some point. As humans, we started off as our mothers' fertilized eggs. Ain't that amazing?!
Such a pretty & colorful tattoo by Remis
That's why an Egg Tattoo would be a good idea to symbolize that.
Tattoos by Bryan Thomas Wilson
If you wanna make your egg tattoo more sophisticated, you might wanna consider getting an ornate Faberge Egg.
Beautiful Faberge Egg Tattoo done at Grim North Tattoo
A Faberge Egg is a jeweled egg created by Peter Carl Fabergé between 1885-1917. They were given as gifts to royalties back then.
Faberge Egg Tattoo by Taylor Anne at Mystic Owl Tattoo
An egg symbolizes new opportunities, beginnings, and ideas waiting to be birthed. We should take advantage of it!
Yummy Sunny side-up Egg Tattoo done at Star City Tattoos
Or we can just eat it... lol.
This Egg Tattoo's too cute!!! Done by Luke Ashley at Sydenham Ink
Always lovely to have an egg on your bowl of ramen! Cute mini Tattoo done at XK Tattoo, Moscow, Russia
You clearly see what he has in mind for breakfast. Lol. Artist unknown
Eggs are symbolic, nutritious and are amazing creations of the universe. <3
Eat healthy, and keep birthing & manifesting things for the greater good, just like an egg!
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