10 Trippy Penrose Triangle Tattoos

10 Trippy Penrose Triangle Tattoos

Like Triangles but wanna get them the most unusual way? Then these 10 Trippy Penrose Triangle Tattoos are a must-see!
The Penrose Triangle, also known as The Impossible Triangle or Penrose Tribar, is an impossible object created by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934. Although it was created by Reutersvärd, the impossible object was popularized by Roger Penrose.
Beautiful & Colorful Penrose Triangle Tattoo by Eli Bischof
Penrose Triangle Tattoo. Artist unknown
Beautiful Penrose Triangle Tattoo by Chris Rigoni
It looks so cool that you will also see it featured in most of Optical Artist M.C. Escher's works as well!
Makes a good addition to a geometric tattoo sleeve!
Awesome Penrose Triangle Palm Tattoos by Jason Zigzag Corbett
Artist unknown
It is impossible to physically construct a Penrose triangle as a three-dimensional object, hence the term, "The Impossible triangle". However, it can be drawn in a two-dimensional perspective.
Penrose Triangle Tattoo by Minnehaha done at Good Hand Tattoo Philippines
Cool cubes formed into a trippy Penrose Triangle Tattoo by Phil Hatchet Yau
Penrose Triangle Tattoo by James Dean
Love the colors & composition of this fun & trippy Penrose Triangle Tattoo by Phil DeAngulo
Isn't it awesome how this impossible triangle POSSIBLY works as a tattoo?! Thank goodness!
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