10 Venomous Rattlesnake Tattoos

10 Venomous Rattlesnake Tattoos

Put some venom in your ink with these rattlesnake tattoos!

Snake tattoos are always a solid tattoo choice and these rattlesnake tattoos will remind you why. 

Named after the loud shaking of the titular noisemaker ("rattle") at the end of their tails, rattlesnakes are venomous snakes with a fearsome reputation. In Aztec culture and mythology the rattlesnake had a wide usage, its image was depicted in much Aztec art, such as on sculptures, jewellery, and architecture. Today the rattlesnake is used in some cool tattoos. 

Rattlesnake tattoos are a popular choice of snake tattoo and one of the prominent designs was created by non other than tattooing legend Sailor Jerry. A snake tattoo with as much value and power as a cobra or python you can't go wrong! Enjoy!! 

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