11 Charming Ewok Tattoos

11 Charming Ewok Tattoos

Sci-fi tattoos can also be very lovable

Ewok tattoos prove that sci-fi tattoos can be as lovable as they are intense! 

Small fictional mammaloid bipeds, Ewoks are a race of hunter-gatherers featured in the Star Wars movie franchise. Inhabiting the forest moon of Endor, Ewoks are essentially fluffy little teddy bears with spears and slingshots. Certainly not just a cute little species Ewoks can hold their own and were created by George Lucas because he wanted Return of the Jedi to feature a tribe of primitive creatures that stand together bring down an advanced technological Empire! Since their first appearance Ewoks have evolved into one of the most popular creations within the Star Wars universe, so naturally Ewok tattoos are as popular!

From realistic portraits to bold traditional pieces Ewok tattoos prove that sci-fi tattoos can have a lighter fluffy side. If you loved these Star Wars designs then you're bound to enjoy these charming Ewok tattoos! 

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