11 Dignified Charles Darwin Tattoos

11 Dignified Charles Darwin Tattoos

Aside from being one of history's most famous individuals, Darwin also inspires people to get cool Charles Darwin tattoos!
Charles Darwin is one of history's most celebrated scientists and remains as a highly regarded English naturalist and geologist. Known globally for his significant contribution to evolutionary theory Darwin's work established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. Back then Darwin's work was totally groundbreaking and has earned him wide recognition, and even today he is looked up with great respect. Some of his most loving fans and enthusiasts have celebrated his life in ink!
Charles Darwin tattoos range from incredible portrait realism pieces to bold and quirky traditional tattoos. Certainly one of the most popular naturalists to have tattooed on your skin, Charles Darwin looks surprisingly good as a tattoo. Take a look at these Charles Darwin tattoos and see for yourself!
Charles Darwin Tattoo by Adam Bertram #charlesdarwin #darwin #portrait #adambertram
Portrait Tattoo by Jamie Mahood #charlesdarwin #darwin #portrait #jamiemahood
Traditional style Tattoo by Mark Walker #charlesdarwin #darwin #portrait #markwalker
Portrait Tattoo by Paris Pierides #charlesdarwin #darwin #portrait #parispierides
Realistic portrait Tattoo by Richard Hart #charlesdarwin #darwin #portrait #richardhart
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