11 Impressive Richard Harrow Tattoos

Richard Harrow tattoos turn one of the greatest characters of Boardwalk Empire into badass designs!
Boardwalk Empire is one of the best TV shows in recent years, and while it played host to countless iconic characters, few were as popular among fans as Richard Harrow. A former sniper and WWI veteran Harrow was badly disfigured during the war, losing his eye, upper jaw and most of the cheekbone on the left side of his face resulting in him wearing a tin mask modeled to match the left side of his face thereafter. A standout character Harrow was primarily an instrument of death in the bootlegging wars of Atlantic City and aside from killing countless gangsters he proved the perfect tattoo subject for some die hard Boardwalk fans.
Richard Harrow!!
Richard Harrow tattoos capture one of modern TV's most interesting and unique characters and turn him into ink. Ranging from portrait realism pieces to traditional style filler designs these Richard Harrow tattoos will have you reliving the best onscreen moments of a true Boardwalk icon!
Portrait Tattoo by Matt Barrett Jones #richardharrow #boardwalkempire #portrait #mattbarrettjones