12 Original Ombré Tattoos

12 Original Ombré Tattoos

Ombré tattoos are the same concept as ombré hair... but way more stylish and cooler!
What are ombré tattoos? If you know the trend of ombré hair, you are nearly there. The concept of ombré (from french language "shading") is to create a graduation of colors from light to dark, with similar or different tones. You can use it in hairstyles, clothes... and tattoos!
Ombré tattoos are giving a very original twist to simple designs. Instead of using black ink only, you can make a subtle gradation from a lighter color to black. Popular types of ombré are red to black and light blue to dark blue. But you can use the concept with many colors, and even rainbow ones!
Designs have to be minimalistic to really catch the eyes. Linework is best, with tribal, vegetals, lace and lettering. Life is not just one color, so have fun with your ink and find some stylish inspiration with these ombré tattoos...
Light blue to dark blue vegetals by Acidouss #acidouss #ombrétattoos #vegetaltattoos
Fern designs are great for ombré tattoos #AlineWata #ombrétattoos #ferntattoos
Two others by Aline Wata #AlineWata #ombrétattoos #matchingtattoos
From orange to black is the most common type of ombré #AmyGrant #ombrétattoos #tigertattoos
Great effect for lace tattoos too #Dodie #ombrétattoos #lacetattoos
Stylish idea for lettering #NadyaNatassya #ombrétattoos #lettering