12 Perfect Tattoo Ideas For Loving Moms

12 Perfect Tattoo Ideas For Loving Moms

Whether it's your first ink or you're already a cool, tattooed mommy, here are some sweet tattoo ideas dedicated to your little ones.

They say there's nothing quite like a mother's love for her child. Unconditional and boundless. And throughout their lives, mothers will keep on proving this love from the simplest to the most elaborate ways. 

These moms decided to seal their love for their young ones in ink.

A beautiful blackwork piece dedicated by a mother to her daughter.

Anything handwritten from your kids adds a more personal touch compared to typical script tattoos.

If you want something to get for your kid that's not too vague nor too obvious (i. e. birth date, name, etc), go for something only you and they will understand such as a storytime fairy tale you were both fond of when they were younger. 

Pick a song lyric that never fails to remind you of your kid. It will always be there to remind you the fondest times you spent with your child for years to come—no matter how rough things get in the future.

Hand prints are rarely a good idea as they end up looking splotchy but this proud mommy did it right!

Take your kid's art wherever you go by opting to get one of your favorite works by them tattooed on you.

It doesn't have to be massive! A cute doodle or two will do.

Go for bolder mother and child pieces by choosing a more detailed piece as opposed to the more common, small symbol tattoos.

Nikko Hurtado at it again with the unreal portrait tattoos! 

This mommy chose an impossibly cute baby Triceratops instead to dedicate to her little one.

When all else fails, go with trads. Can't go wrong with trads!

For matching mother and daughter tattoos, there's more here.

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