12 Splendid Acorn Tattoos

12 Splendid Acorn Tattoos

A symbol of life and strength, the small acorn makes a mighty tattoo!

Acorn tattoos may be small but they have some great symbolism, check them out and learn why.

For hundreds of years the acorn has been seen as a symbol of life, growth and birth. The small nut of the mighty oak tree, acorns have also been seen as a representative of fertility and immortality, especially in Scandinavian folklore. Acorn tattoos then are a small tattoo with big meaning. 

Whether it's a filler tattoo or piece on its own acorn tattoos make a sweet little design that you certainly won't regret. A great tattoo for any style, be it traditional or blackwork, acorn tattoos always look good and these 12 tattoos are the proof!!

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