13 Thrilling Jason Voorhees Tattoos

13 Thrilling Jason Voorhees Tattoos

Horror tattoos don't get much better than those of Jason Voorhees!

The Friday the 13th character inspires some truly thrilling body art. Check it out for yourself!! 

Although not originally intended as the main antagonist of the Friday the 13th film series Jason Voorhees has become the feared face of the franchise. A terrifying machete wielding, mass murderer Jason is a horror movie icon. The classic look of Jason is of a crazed killer holding a machete and wearing a hockey mask, although interestingly the hockey mask didn't appear until the third movie! 

Jason Voorhees tattoos are a thrilling tattoo that takes a slasher film legend and puts them into some menacing body art. Featuring the classic hockey mask and bloody machete Jason Voorhees tattoos are horror ink at its finest, so prepare to be impressed! 

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