14 Brash Bender Tattoos

14 Brash Bender Tattoos

Bender tattoos are the ultimate robot tattoos!

These bold Bender tattoos live up to the reputation of the favorite foul mouthed robot. 

Bender Bending Rodriguez, or simply just Bender, is a metalworking robot built in 2996 and fan favorite character in Futurama. Fellow character and friend of Bender, Leela, described the robot as a "alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking, gambler", a description that sums up Bender rather well! The ultimate cartoon anti-hero Bender has an army of fans who hang on his every insult and put him in ink! 

Bender tattoos are a brash and entertaining tattoo that captures the badass attitude of Bender and puts it into some sick tattoos. By far the coolest robot tattoo to have! Bender tattoos will entertain and inspire, so sit back and enjoy these 14 brash Bender tattoos!! 

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