14 Majestic Hare Tattoos

14 Majestic Hare Tattoos

Noble and proud these hare tattoos show us some style.

A stylish design you can't help but admire.

Hares have long been an animal of strong meaning and symbolism. African folklore tells the hare as a trickster, while European traditions see the hare as an unpredictable force, but also one associated with luck. In the Eastern world hares are associated with the dark patches of the moon. Yet regardless of the meaning, a hare makes a cool tattoo subject! 

Hare tattoos are often seen as a tattoo of good fortune and have become a popular tattoo design, especially in contemporary styles like neo-traditional and blackwork. If you're after your own hare tattoo then take a look at these cool hare tattoos and get some inspiration. 

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