14 Majestic Kiwiana Tui and Fantail Bird Tattoos

14 Majestic Kiwiana Tui and Fantail Bird Tattoos

Kiwiana icons are what many New Zealanders identify as part of their heritage including their flora and fauna and make beautiful tattoos

New Zealand is a country known in tattoo culture for their Maori heritage of which tattooing was a rite of passage for members of tribes and a symbol of their achievements. This traditional blackwork design has now crossed over into popular tattoo culture and sported by celebs and people alike many of them whose roots lay far from the Maori. 

There are often issues of identity connected to tattooing and for some, it is important that heritage remains true to where you come from. Aside from Maori tattoos New Zealanders also have Kiwiana which is the name given to certain icons and items from their heritage.  These "quirky things that contribute to a sense of nationhood" include both genuine cultural icons and kitsch and also their flora and fauna. 

Kiwiana style has worked its way into tattoos too - especially with two iconic birds from New Zealand. The Fantail and Tui bird - often adorned with a beautiful red flower, the Pohutukawa. This tree is found all over the country and flowers all year round. It is commonly referred to as "New Zealand's Christmas Tree". Here are some of the most beautiful Kiwiana fantail and tui bird tattoos from across the web.

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