15 Creative Giraffe Tattoos

15 Creative Giraffe Tattoos

With their long graceful neck and hideous black tongue, how can you not love giraffes?

Giraffes are one of nature's most impressive creatures, while also being one of the most bizarre. Can you imagine having a neck that was roughly the same length as a Range Rover? That's insanity! But also it's pretty damn ingenious as it allows giraffes to eat the leaves that no other creature can get to. That's called an evolutionary advantage, son. 

Every part of a giraffe — from their knock knees to weird lil' bumps on their noggins — looks like a horse going through a really awkward stage of puberty. Yet, at the same time, a giraffe can be immensely graceful, and that's one of the reasons people have become so enamored with giraffe tattoos. 

Did you see that giraffe give birth on YouTube? It was one of the most majestic things to ever go viral. For weeks, people were glued to their computers watching April the giraffe and wondering when she was going to finally give birth. When she finally did it was not disappointing. It was gross, fascinating, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and cringe-inducing all at the same time. We can't wait until we see April's big moment in tattoo form! 

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A genuine giraffe's neck! #ZekeYip #giraffetattoos #necktattoos

Giraffe's are the bee's knees! We hope you loved this gallery of the amazing creatures. If you have a giraffe tattoo of your own, please share it with us by using #giraffe. 

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