15 Cute And Colorful Girly Tattoos By Sasha Mezoghlian

15 Cute And Colorful Girly Tattoos By Sasha Mezoghlian

Step into a world of cute and colorful traditional tattoos by Sasha Mezoghlian.
Taking a break from dragon back-pieces today to bring my ladies something real cute.
Sasha Mezoghlian is a part-owner and tattoo artist at The Darling Parlour in Balmain, Sydney Australia. Though, the execution of her tattooing is somewhat traditional, she's found her own way to update and girl-ify these time-honored motifs into something a little bit daintier and more colorful, that will make you feel like you've died and gone to Kawaii heaven.
Brace yourself for cupcakes and kitties!
Cupcake tattoo by Sasha Mezoghlian (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing)
Butterflies & Sakura (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
Cute little fox tattoo (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
For your inner Spice Girl (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
Traditional kitty portrait (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
Uni, Salmon, or Spam Musubi? We'll take it. (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
A beautifully colorful Chrysanthemum (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
Sister tattoos #SashaMezoghlian
Traditional kitty portrait made by Sasha (IG @sashimi_roll_tattooing) #SashaMezoghlian
Breakfast lovers rejoice! #SashaMezoghlian
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