15 Hip Chair Tattoos

15 Hip Chair Tattoos

I guess you could say that there is a chair tattoo trend going on right now.
When Marc Jacobs got the couch tattoo inked, he might have opened the door for seating tattoos. Who knows, this trend might be even older, but either way here's a list of 15 chair tattoos for you.
Caution wet chair! by @adadoestattoos
Outlined chair tattoo, by @miejskifolklortattoo
Folding Italian chair, via @motley_la
Coloured chair cat tattoo, by @musink
Classic green Eames chair tattoo, via @alminty3d
Chop'd chair, by Arielle Coupe
Snap'd chair, by Arielle Coupe
Sawing a chair, by Chris Xanker
Comfortable classy chair, done at the Studio Vulcano
Spinning chairs, by Giulia Tauru
Strong lined wooden chair, by Joey Hope
Not My Chair Not My Problem, by Jordan Epperson
Not a chair, but a dripping bench! by Panta Choi
You could call this: El Chair, by Rachel SK
Very long chair, by Tyler Hochhalter
If you got interest in Marc Jacobs whacky tattoos after this, check it out here!
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