15 Transcendent Shiva Tattoos

15 Transcendent Shiva Tattoos

Shiva tattoos capture the Hindu deity in all their power!

A strong design Shiva tattoos can create some powerful body art.

Known as 'The Auspicious One' or 'Great God' Shiva is one of the three major Hindu deities, along with Brahma and Vishnu. Neither born nor found dead Shiva at the highest level is seen as limitless, unchanging and transcendent. Believed to have a number of forms, both good and evil, Shiva is a central pillar in Hinduism. The influence of Shiva has gone far beyond the religious realms and has become a popular inspiration for tattoos.  

Shiva tattoos take form in a number of styles but arguably the most common is traditional. The bold traditional style is a perfect fit with powerful image of Shiva, and Shiva tattoos thereafter are a striking tattoo. Take some time to enjoy these impressive Shiva tattoos and decide if you'd want one yourself!! 

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