1D's Liam Might Have Gotten A Tattoo To Match The One On Cheryl's Ass

In today's breaking news, there's a slight possibility that Liam Payne of 1D may or may not have gotten a tribute tattoo to Cheryl.
32-year-old Cheryl (formerly Cole) and 22-year-old Liam Payne have been dating for a few months now and are said to be incredibly happy. Having met on the set of the UK X Factor, where 1D began their insane rise to fame, it was love at first sight or something- except he was only 17..  so it might be in everyone's best interest to pretend it wasn't. Let's say the love started when Payne turned 18.
Cheryl's epic rose tattoo.
Anyway, Cheryl famously rocks an enormous lower back/butt tattoo made of vibrant red roses, and sources are saying that Liam has sealed (or doomed, depends on who you talk to)  their relationship by getting a black and grey version of her roses on his hand.
Cheryl's rose covered bum.
Liam's new hand roses.
I mean, call me crazy- but roses are a pretty common thing to get tattooed. And 99.9% of the time, they look pretty damn similar to each other. So, if you ask me- it might be reaching a little bit to say that this is some sort of profession of love..
But who knows, maybe it is. Guess we'll just have to wait to wait to hear it from the pop stars' mouths. Or, maybe we just forget about it and spend our time worrying about more important things.