20 Wise Little Red Riding Hood Tattoos

20 Wise Little Red Riding Hood Tattoos

Don't be afraid of the big bad wolf with these little red riding hood tattoos!

Little red riding hood tattoos are inspired by tales, movies as well as other pop culture references.

The now famous tale is coming from an ancient tradition of oral fiction, from France. The story of this little girl visiting her grandmother and being eaten by a wolf was used to warn children. Indeed, the tale is a lesson against bad meetings and an innocent way to refer to pedophiles and murderers. The tale has spread through Europe thanks to the version of the Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault. One has a happy ending, the other not. Little red riding hood tattoos are inspired by these tales, but also of the 2011's movie adaptation with Amanda Seyfried. Some pieces are full of humor, with the little girl getting her revenge on the wolf. Most of little riding hood tattoos are putting in parallel the beauty and the beast, showing two sides of human personality: wisdom/wildness, beauty/darkness. Some tattoos even hint at the sexual meaning of the tale. Either a fan of the innocent tale or its darker meaning, you could love these creative and amazing little red riding hood tattoos.

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