22 Bloody Fantastic Evil Dead Tattoos For Super Fans

22 Bloody Fantastic Evil Dead Tattoos For Super Fans

The Evil Dead franchise is a gore horror classic and some super fans have some killer ink in honor of its iconic characters.

I recently caught up with the Starz series version of one of my favorite gore horror movie classics the Evil Dead. Seeing as though there are tons of series and remakes of classic horror coming out these days I have to say I was skeptical. 

Despite having the awesome Bruce Campbell as lead chainsaw handed character Ash Williams who appeared in all the original movies I wasn't too convinced that the series would be any good. Until I switched on the first episode and right from the beginning Deep Purple's Space Truckin came blasting on and the following 40 mins had me glued to the screen. 

Ash vs Evil Dead is totally awesome with a great soundtrack lots of gore and plenty of cheesy comedy. With a second season coming this year I'm sure any fan of horror is gonna love it. I've been contemplating a horror fan tattoo for some time now and I'm totally tempted to include the Evil Dead in there somewhere. I came across a whole lot of great ideas in my search and decided to share it with you guys. 

These are some awesome ideas if you like me are an Evil Dead super fan and would love a bloody fantastic Ash tattoo in the collection. Check them out!

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