6 Best Bud Tattoos For Best Buds

Best Buds for life?! Prove it! Let these 6 best bud tattoos for best buds start you off with cool ideas.
"Friends are the siblings God never gave us" ~Mencius.
Cute traditional Pinky Promise of Friendship tattoos by unknown artist.
Through the highs (definitely) and lows, best buds forever!
Cool Best Buds Tattoo for stoners by Ryan Futterman.
Friends understand each other's' madness.
Cute little Best Buds Tattoos done at Nicholas Tattoos.
Another rendition of the popular Best Buds tattoo design. Which part would you get with your friend?
Tattoo done at Lagniappe Custom Tattoo Studio.
Try out something crazy & new with your best bud by getting tattoos together!
Best buds tattoo
A best bud is definitely someone you can comfortably smoke with, talk crazy and wholeheartedly about life with, and someone who stands by you no matter what.
Cute best buds tattoo.