Best Bud Tattoos for Bud Smokers

Best Bud Tattoos for Bud Smokers

Getting high and then getting tattoos is the best form of friendship.

Are all of your friendships based on pitching in on a sack and getting high together? If so, then your probably going to love these "best bud" tattoos that these stoner soulmates have gotten to commemorate their love of weed and smoking it together. 

Cool Best Buds Tattoo for stoners by Ryan Futterman.
Cute traditional Pinky Promise of Friendship tattoos by unknown artist.

Some friends like to roll joints. Others like to roll joints and then eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. A few even like to roll joints and then go get tattoos on the insides of their lips, but regardless of how you like to spend quality time with your besties, let's just admit it's always better with a gram or two of dank on hand.

Cute little Best Buds Tattoos done at Nicholas Tattoos.
Tattoo done at Lagniappe Custom Tattoo Studio.

So the next time you find yourself thinking, "I don't have any real friends," just score an ounce of killer dank, invite the first stranger you see on the street up to your place, get him or her blazed, and you'll probably be getting best bud tattoos by the end of the night. Remember, a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

Best buds tattoo
Cute best buds tattoo.

If you've got a friend who only hangs out with you to smoke all your weed, why not just make it official and get a pair of matching stoner tattoos. That way you'll never break up like the nugs you're probably breaking up right now. 

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