6 Mindblowing Geometric Hexagon Tattoos

Amazing how the Artists featured in this blog turned a simple hexagon into mind-blowing & complex tattoos! WOW!
Black & Bold Geometric Hexagon Body suit Tattoo by Neo
Looks really simple, but it takes effort & discipline to do.
Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Kenji Alucky
Tattoos arranged as a pattern never fails to look visually appealing.
Lovin' the flat colors, color palette & solid application of this Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Samantha Sue
Can you spot the hexagons contributing well to this sick geometric sleeve tattoo?! :-O Tattoo by @xnazax
Amazing 3D effect on this hexagonal sleeve tattoo! It's all about composition & application! Artist unknown
Trippy 3D Geometric Hexagon Tattoo by Russ Abbott
Got Hexagonal patterns in your tattoo collection? Share them with us & get featured! :-D