8 Arresting Nightwing Tattoos

8 Arresting Nightwing Tattoos

An underrated hero Nightwing inspires some cool tattoos!

No longer Batman's sidekick Dick Grayson became Nightwing and these Nightwing tattoos will show you how awesome he is. 

After outgrowing his role as Robin, the loyal sidekick of Batman, Dick Grayson relocated to Gotham's neighboring city Bludhaven and became a superhero in his own right: Nightwing. Much like his mentor Nightwing wears a high-tech suit filled with all manner of useful crime fighting gadgets and again like Batman inspires some cool body art.

Nightwing tattoos take this young comic book hero and put him into some bold tattoos. Comic books have long inspired awesome body art and Nightwing tattoos are no different, take some time to enjoy these tattoos and see why he's much more than Batman's sidekick! 

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