8 Commemorative Urn Tattoos

A classy design to remember a loved one, urn tattoos can be beautiful.

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Looking for a commemorative tattoo, then take a look at these urn tattoos. 

An urn is a round based vase used to hold a persons ashes after they have been cremated. The earliest use of urns is dated to around 7000BC and they have been used by dozens of civilizations and societies ever since. Urns can take a number of different forms and have also found wider usage as ornamental decorations and more recently as tattoos. 

Urn tattoos have become a popular choice for a commemorative tattoo as a tribute to a passed loved one or close friend. An elegant design urn tattoos can be as decorative or simple as you like and can make a great tribute to that special person. Checkout these urn tattoos and get inspired by some commemorative ink! 

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Urn Tattoo, artist unknown #urn #commemorativettattoo #traditional #urntattoo
Urn Tattoo, artist unknown #urn #commemorativettattoo #traditional #urntattoo