8 Fight Worthy Boxing Gloves Tattoos

8 Fight Worthy Boxing Gloves Tattoos

Step into the ring and enjoy these boxing gloves tattoos.

Boxing has inspired all manner of tattoo design but these boxing gloves tattoos capture the sport in all its glory. 

Fighters and boxers have become a popular tattoo design in recent years, often done in either a traditional or neo-traditional style boxing tattoos are certainly on the rise. Of course if you're after your own boxing themed tattoo but don't fancy a fighter tattooed on your skin you could always take a look at boxing gloves tattoos! 

Boxing gloves tattoos embody all the spirit and excitement of boxing and put it into a killer design. Whether you go traditional, new school or even watercolor you won't be sorry getting a boxing glove etched onto your body.  Even if a boxing glove tattoo isn't for you, you can still enjoy these awesome boxing gloves tattoos. 

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