8 Troublesome Slingshot Tattoos

8 Troublesome Slingshot Tattoos

If you love those tattoos that take you right back to your youth then these slingshot tattoos will provide some great viewing!
Slingshots or hand catapults are 'a small hand-powered projectile weapon', of course to many they are nothing more than a child's toy, but in certain situations, they have proven deadly. Many people look at a slingshot and think of fictional troublemakers like Bart Simpson and Dennis the Menace, but there are also those who look at a slingshot and think of a badass tattoo design!!
Slingshot tattoos take a seemingly ordinary object and turn into a quirky and fun tattoo. Great for a linework or traditional piece slingshots look good and stand out. Big or small you can't go wrong with a fine slingshot design so take a look at these tattoos and get some inspiration!
Slingshot Tattoo by @steve.godspeed #slingshot #blackwork #stevegodspeed
by Aaron Dix #slingshot #aarondix
Slingshot Tattoo, unknown artist #slingshot #blackwork
by New York Hardcore Tattoo #slinshot #traditional #newyorkhardcoretattoo
Slingshot Tattoo by Sivan Seror #slingshot #blackwork #sivanseror
Slingshot Tattoo by Susanne König #slingshot #blackwork #susannekonig
Artist unknown #slingshot #dotwork
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