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Actor Imran Khan Continues To Work On His Sleeve

The Bollywood actor continues to work on his ever-growing tattoo collection.

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Imran Khan, famous Bollywood actor known for starring in several hit movies like Delhi Belly and Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, is no stranger to tattoos. 

via @imrankhan tattoosleeve ImranKhan
via @imrankhan #tattoosleeve #ImranKhan

So, naturally, when Khan recently posted an Instagram of himself getting tattooed, nobody was too shocked. We are, though, excited to see the outcome of his newest session. 

Kahn's outlines
Kahn's outlines


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    Already sporting outlines on his upper right arm, it's obvious that he's working on a half- if not full- sleeve.  It looks like he's now starting to fill those outlines in. 

    via @imrankhan
    via @imrankhan

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    Aside from a few smaller tattoos on his chest, this arm piece seems to be his largest. We always like to see celebrities taking the dive and committing to some large-scale ink, so we can't wait to see what's next for Khan. 



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