An Inside Look At Harley Quinn's SXSW Tattoo Parlour

Watch these festival goers make their passion for the Suicide Squad permanent.

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In the days leading up to SXSW, I wrote an article about Harley Quinn's Tattoo Parlour- aka, Affinity Tattoo Parlour. The shop was transformed into a Suicide Squad tattoo shop, where patrons were welcomed to come immortalize their super-villian fandom in ink... For free. 

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This ingenious marketing plan proved to be a huge success, with festival attendees lining up and down the block to receive their real- or fake- ink. Again, for free. Sometimes, "free" is the only convincing people need. 

The folks over at AdWeek documented the whole thing and even asked some recipients about their decision to get tattooed. You can check out the full video here. 

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