Realistic Portrait Tattoos of NBA Icons

Realistic Portrait Tattoos of NBA Icons

James Harden encapsulating what it means to Fear the Beard!

How much do you love your teams star player?

Enough to get, oh let's say, a player's "game face" tattooed on your calf? It doesn't matter because someone does - and all it takes is someone.
James Harden of the Houston Rockets has such a someone. Thus enters artist Steve Butcher.
The source material and corresponding sketch #JamesHarden #SteveButcher

This calf piece started as a printed portrait and an intricate sketch.

Then it only took Butcher about 6 hours to get this portrait piece done, with excellent life-like detail.

James Harden by Steve Butcher Tattoos

Butcher is based in New Zealand, which is exactly a 44 1/2 day flight from Houston. So, definitely never underestimate the star power of James Harden.

Check out a video of the final piece here, and more NBA player portrait tattoos below!

Kobe! Artist unknown. #NBA #basketball #KobeBryant
Michael Jordan. Artist, Benjamin Laukis #michaeljorden #NBA #basketball
- Magic Johnson; artist, Nikko Hurtado #NBA #basketball
- Larry Byrd. Artist: Cory Cudney #NBA #basketball
- Allan Iverson; artist, William Parish #NBA #basketball
- Rondae Hollis-Jefferson; artist, unknown #NBA #basketball
Curiously enough, this is a tattoo of Rondae-Hollis Jefferson ON Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. He's "watching his own back." 

- Phil Jackson; artist, Fernie Andrade
... Phil Jackson absolutely counts. If only we could find Pat Riley as well!
"Y'know, it's not so much me as Roenick; he's good."
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