Artist Takes Pictures Of His Tattooed Arms To Encourage Creativity

See what the tattooed arms of the artist Romo Jack are doing on his creative Instagram account!
Romo Jack, also known as Ponypork, is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With the hashtag #whatsmyhandsaredoing, he started taking pictures of his tattooed arms doing several activities. His photographs are truly visual and artistic. They titillate our creativity and our love for tattoos for sure! Take a look at the pictures and tattooed arms of Ponypork. Do you have as many occupations as he has? If your hands/arms are tattooed, you can play with the #whatsmyhandsaredoing trend on Instagram, too!
The only tattoo cover you should need #ponypork #whatsmyhandsaredoing #tattooedartist
Say it with flowers and tattooed arms #ponypork #whatsmyhandsaredoing #tattooedartist
So, what do you think of this artist who take pictures of his tattooed arms to encourage creativity?
More pictures by Ponypork on his Instagram.