Be On Your Way With These 10 Suitcase Tattoos!

Be On Your Way With These 10 Suitcase Tattoos!

Suitcase tattoos put wanderlust in ink!

Embrace your desire for adventure and wanderlust with these awesome suitcase tattoos.

Throwing your clothes in a suitcase and travelling the world is a dream for anyone, a new city each day and a new adventure always around the corner! Sadly for most of us such a life remains a dream, but you can get a taste of it with suitcase tattoos! 

Embracing your wanderlust and putting it into a tattoo can have awesome results. The body art can motivate you to get on your way and explore the world or remind you of the incredible places you've already traveled . If you're after your own travel inspired tattoo then look no further than these cool suitcase tattoos. Suitcase tattoos have all the charm and excitement of any good adventure so enjoy! 

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