Check Out These 10 Polaroid Camera Tattoos

Check Out These 10 Polaroid Camera Tattoos

Polaroid pictures are really cool, but the polaroid cameras are even cooler!
The first Instant Camera was invented in 1923 by Samuel Shlafrock, but they were big and difficult to use. Then, in 1948, Edward Land created the Land Camera model 95, the first consumer Instant Camera! From there it grew to the Polaroid camera that we know! Here are 10 Polaroid tattoo design if you are true fan of this instant magic!
A classic Polaroid 1000 with the flash! by @aktattoos
Another Polaroid 1000 with a rose, by @boobiestattoo
If My Eyes Could Take Photographs, by @rarestattoo
Love button on the Polaroid 1000, by Brad Dawe
Cool Polaroid One Step, by Coque Sin Amo
Spitting out some instant prints! By Daniela Pi
Frontside Polaroid One Step in black and grey, by Iasmim Kali
Watercolored Polaroid 1000, by Lauren Hanson
Dark work on this one! by Bea Braga
Very cute little Polaroid 1000, by Samantha Pixie Robson
Come here if you want to check the Polaroid print tattoos!
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