Clean Up With These 9 Soap Bar Tattoos

A soap bar never looked so cool as it does when inked up on you!
Let's be honest- the first person to ever make a soap bar cool was Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt's character in the movie Fight Club. But since then, every time you see a soap bar tattoo you instantly think about that one! Let's try to change that: here are 9 different soap bar designs (including Tyler's) for you to get inspired and create the next hip tattoo.
The Bicycle rider Phil Gaimon started a movement for clean riders with this tattoo, artist unknow
Mama's boy, by @dackattack
Classic Fight Club soap tattoo! By @peterjustice1
Big blue soap bar tattoo, by Alex Gardner
Big black and grey rounded soap bar tattoo, by Ben Graham
Melting blue cover up, by Dr. Vega
This one with the lavender on top, by Isla McDonald
Oh Fudge! by Nate Cook
Let Go soap tattoo, by Olivia Ahonen
But if after that you are still thinking about Fight Club, you better check these out!