Colorful Tattoos By Ly Aleister

The fine eye for detail of the talented tattoo artist Ly Aleister will impress and inspire you.
Ly Aleister is a tattoo artist from Brisbane. Her tattoo work is exceptionally clean and you can tell that her drawing skills are just over the top! Her tattoo style varies from Japanese anime to neo traditional, and pin-up style classic girls. Ly Aleister is a versatile tattoo artist who you definitely should check out!
Fox Tattoo by #LyAleister
Rabbit Tattoo by #LyAleister
Cute Red Panda Tattoo by #LyAleister
Beautiful portrait Tattoo by #LyAleister
David Bowie Tattoo by Ly Aleister
Pin-up girl Tattoo by #LyAleister
Mermaid Tattoo by #LyAleister
Sailor pin-up girl Tattoo by #LyAleister
Tattoo by Ly Aleister
Animation Tattoo by #LyAleister
Pokemon Tattoo by #LyAleister
Pin-up girl Tattoo by #LyAleister
Mermaid Tattoo by #LyAleister
Pin-up girl Tattoo by #LyAleister
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