Colourful Art By Aitch

Colourful Art By Aitch

The beautiful illustrations of artist Aitch inspire us to love nature.
Inspired by her travels, childhood memories, legends and folklore, the artist Aitch creates colorful watercolor artworks on paper, characters cut out of wood, painted murals and intricate patterns and illustrations for clients all over the world. 

The Inked Lady, her illustration of a tattooed lady is a favourite and the inspiration for this post!

She also did the cover design for the Man on the Moon book - you must have seen the recent John Lewis TV ad campaign.
Unicorncat, an illustration for Camera cu Pisici - The Cat Room who help stray cats.
Roots, watercolor on paper, original artwork by AItch.
Inked Lady. By Aitch!
Man on the Moon for John Lewis. Art by Aitch.
Wackadoodle, paint-marker on paper, by Aitch.
Art in progress.
Heart print by Aitch.
Flora Magica card designs.
Flora Magica card designs.
Design for Penguin Essentials by Aitch.
Christmassy olive tree. Art by Aitch.
Pretty Patterns by Aitch.
Cat Pattern by Aitch.
Wardrobe design by Aitch.
All images from Aitch's website and Facebook page.
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