Daniel-Day Lewis' Hot Tattooed Son Is Following In His Dad's Footsteps

By, you know, being hot as FUCK.

If I had to name the top 5 sexiest men in Hollywood, Daniel Day Lewis would- without a doubt- be on that list. The jawline, the accent. I used to watch The Crucible and drool all over myself staring into those eyes, while simultaneously cursing God for not making me look like Winona Ryder. We watched The Last of the Mohicans in History class at my Catholic high school and I remember feeling semi-guilty for the impure thoughts I was having while DDL sprinted, long hair flowing behind him, across the screen. So, If I haven't made it clear enough- I am a big fan. 

Oh, John Proctor. #danieldaylewis #celebrity

Okay fine, he doesn't really look like that anymore. He looks like this. 

And yeah. He still got it. 

Sure, DDL has won three Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. Yeah, he's played some of the most iconic roles in film. Oh and he's been knighted by Prince William. These things were impressive... that is, until we found out about the sweet, chiseled man-angel that is his 20 year old son, Gabriel. 

I. said. God. Damn. 

Yeaaaaah. So that's DDL's precious spawn. That I don't feel weird talking about because he's over 18 and it's legal so shut the fuck up. 

The 20 year old is, obviously with a face like that, currently taking the fashion world by storm. In a strange but totally normal (*eyeroll*) turn of events, he ended up walking in Chanel's Paris Couture fashion show and the rest is kinda history. 

"I stopped to get coffee across from the Chanel studio, and I saw Karl Lagerfeld... When I told him who I was he couldn't believe it," he says. "He was like, 'Wow, you've really grown into yourself. I would love to have you in the Chanel show.'"

You know, casual. 

*insert inappropriate joke about rubbing that cat* #tattooedmodel #celebrity

Oh and did I mention he's got hot tattoos? And plays music? And has the voice of an angel? Basically, this kid's got it MADE.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm counting like... at LEAST 86 abs in this photo. #tattooedmodel #celebrity

That being said, I would like to extend my grattitude to Sir Daniel Day-Lewis himself for not only being one of the most beautiful humans to grace the planet, but also for creating a mini-me for us to enjoy in the years to come. I salute you.