Did Pornstar Mia Khalifa Get a Batman v Superman Tattoo?

Did Pornstar Mia Khalifa Get a Batman v Superman Tattoo?

Just in time for the Batman v Superman release, pornstar Mia Khalifa gets a tattoo dedicated to the Dark Knight.

Let's face it, Mia Khalifa is KILLIN IT in the game! She's one of the most searched and popular actresses on numerous widely accessed (ahem) websites, she's a hilariously cute presence on social media, and she's got tattoos to boot!

If any of you follow Mia on her social media accounts, you'll know she's a major sports fan (particularly for the DC area teams), but surprisingly her latest fan-girl foray has been a tattoo dedicated to Batman - the bat symbol with ink splash effects surrounding it on her side. Just in time for the "Batman v Superman" release!

Like many tattoo collectors, Mia is showing true dedication to the Dark Knight! We love it! She's also got the beginning of a cool little collection going on. Let's check it out..

"Tattooed all I see. All that I am. All I'll be..." - Mia Khalifa

And of course, we gotta show her havin' a lil fun!

What's that? Not enough superhero action for ya? Mia's got your back...

"Deadpool & Chill?"

Follow Mia Khalifa on her REAL Instagram (@notthefakemiakhalifa) and Twitter (@miakhalifa) & stay tuned for updates on this little vixen's new tattoos! ✌️➕❤️

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