Dmitry Babakhin: Polynesian Tattoos From Russia

Dmitry Babakhin: Polynesian Tattoos From Russia

Russian tattoo artist Dmitry Babakhin pays a tribute to Polynesian tattoo culture.

It can shock the purists, but tribal tattoo master Dmitry Babakhin gets his inspiration from Polynesian tattoo culture, especially the Marquesan one.

And you have to admit that his work is fabulous. Dmitry Babakhin is working at Bang Bang custom tattoo shop in St. Petersburg but he is also travelling for guest spots and international tattoo conventions. Recognized by his peers, he is considered one of the most skilled tribal tattoo artists of his generation. Dmitry Babakhin is constantly researching on his passion, learning from the holders of Polynesian tattoo knowledge. If you are fascinated by ethnic tattoos and living far from the islands, you should learn more about Dmitry Babakhin on Instagram.

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