Epic Geometric Tattoos By Jean-Pierre Mottin

Epic Geometric Tattoos By Jean-Pierre Mottin

Elegant sacred geometry that looks like a jewel.

Belgian tattoo artist Jean-Pierre Mottin masters negative space and shadings to create refined dotwork geometry.

Flowers of life, subtle gradations of black, optical illusions and graphic effects: those are the ingredients of the art of Jean-Pierre Mottin. Based in Liège, Belgium, this tattoo artist is the owner of tattoo studio Grizzly Inc and promoter of tattoo convention Tox Cit'ink. He recently gained international recognition with a first prize at Paris tattoo convention, le Mondial du Tatouage. The travelling artist is creating very elegant and delicate dotwork geometry, giving to body art the excellence of jewellery or fashion. See more stylish tattoos by Jean-Pierre Mottin on Facebook and Instagram.

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