Eva Longoria Came Face To Face With A Tattoo... Of Her Face

Because there's nothing quite like seeing a detailed portrait of your face immortalized in ink- on a total stranger's body.

Eva Longoria- everybody's favorite Desperate Housewife- recently posted a video to her Instagram showing her super enthusiastic reaction to seeing a tattoo of herself that a fan had gotten on their leg. 

Her mouth is saying "wow this is so cool!" but her face is saying "holy shit this guy wants to skin me and wear me as a suit." 

"Who, ME?! You shouldn't have...." via Instagram (@evalongoria) #celebrity #evalongoria #portraittattoo

But for real, all jokes aside- that's really flattering. Weird, yes. But definitely flattering. I just wish we could get a better look at that tattoo... But for now, the Instagram video will have to do.