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Eva Longoria Came Face To Face With A Tattoo... Of Her Face

Because there's nothing quite like seeing a detailed portrait of your face immortalized in ink- on a total stranger's body.

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Eva Longoria- everybody's favorite Desperate Housewife- recently posted a video to her Instagram showing her super enthusiastic reaction to seeing a tattoo of herself that a fan had gotten on their leg. 

via Instagram (@evalongoria) celebrity evalongoria portraittattoo
via Instagram (@evalongoria) #celebrity #evalongoria #portraittattoo

Her mouth is saying "wow this is so cool!" but her face is saying "holy shit this guy wants to skin me and wear me as a suit." 

"Who, ME?! You shouldn't have...." via Instagram (@evalongoria) celebrity evalongoria portraittattoo
"Who, ME?! You shouldn't have...." via Instagram (@evalongoria) #celebrity #evalongoria #portraittattoo


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    But for real, all jokes aside- that's really flattering. Weird, yes. But definitely flattering. I just wish we could get a better look at that tattoo... But for now, the Instagram video will have to do. 

    A closer look... celebrity evalongoria portraittattoo
    A closer look... #celebrity #evalongoria #portraittattoo

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