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Fine Artists Take On Tattoos: Rory Coyne

This week's featured fine artist is painter Rory Coyne.

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Coyne is a painter and studio co-founder (Sidetracked Studio in Evanston, IL) who's work revolves mainly not only around feminine strength, but archetypal and mythological symbolism. 

More often than not, Coyne uses half-human, half-animal creatures to depict these themes- and 9 times out of 10, they're heavily tattooed. He uses tattoos to further elaborate on the given figures' intended personal symbolism. 

"Solo Kill" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne solokill
"Solo Kill" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne #solokill

Coyne's artist statement does a much better job explaining his work than I do. He says: 


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    "At its core my work is about relationships, specifically what we hide from others and suppress in ourselves. Often this attempt to occult our feelings or actions is unsuccessful and only works to further complicate our relationships. My paintings are psychological revelations layered in symbolism and mythology – the truth is there, but it might also be in the shape of a snake woman or a horse-headed man. Characters glamoured with animal heads and limbs reflect the myriad reactions and emotions of abandonment, disappointment, struggle, and independence that arise from experiences of love, sex, suicide, rape, various bankruptcies and other events with life-long and life-altering impacts."

    So, without further adieu, take a look at a few of Coyne's beautiful drawings & paintings below- maybe you'll be able to figure out some of the symbolism on your own. 

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    Details..  rorycoyne tattooedsleeve
    Details.. #rorycoyne #tattooedsleeve
    "Northern Winds" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "Northern Winds" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    "Standing Female Nude" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne beautiful
    "Standing Female Nude" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne #beautiful
    "No Tucker Here" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne tattooedbody
    "No Tucker Here" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne #tattooedbody
    "Family Girl" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "Family Girl" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    "wifelife" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne natureinspired
    "#wifelife" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne #natureinspired
    "Cake Eater" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "Cake Eater" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    "After" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "After" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    "Embracing the North Winds" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "Embracing the North Winds" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    "Questionable" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne tattooedcat
    "Questionable" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne #tattooedcat
    "Beware" by Rory Coyne  rorycoyne
    "Beware" by Rory Coyne #rorycoyne
    Rory Coyne art  rorycoyne art
    Rory Coyne art #rorycoyne #art



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